Many thanks to Albert for his excellent academic semester report. Here is an example of an academic semester report that can be requested when studying abroad.


This semester took place at the National University of Singapore (NUS) during the first semester of 2004-2005. This university is one of the most prestigious in Southeast Asia and welcomes more than 30,000 students each year. The campus is very large, so much so that there are several internal bus lines to get from one faculty to another.


When you arrive in the territory, immigration from the airport gives a tourist visa valid for 30 days. Once the administrative procedures with the university have been completed, you must go to the ICA (Immigration Checkpoint Authority) and apply for a student visa. It is a simple process but you can find out more info about it. You also have to pay to get this visa. The price varies according to nationality and it is preferable to pay cash ($ 100 SGD is sufficient to cover this expense).


The ideal situation is to live on campus. There are many university residences but the one that welcomes foreign students is the PGPR (Prince George’s Park Residence). The advantage of living on campus is simple: you have easier access to the places where courses take place, but also to university restaurants and sports facilities. In addition, proximity to other students makes exchanges easier.

Otherwise, you can live off campus. Several students can live in shared accommodation in apartment buildings called condominiums. The lifestyle is quieter. One should seek to contact a real estate agent to assist in searches and administrative formalities. Prices are anyway lower than in France for apartments of relatively high standard. The downside of living off campus is that you have to worry about shopping, even though it is obviously possible to eat in university restaurants.