Diary Of Passers-by, Staged Cantata

The cantata

The Cantata “Diary of passers-by” a work of 1996, dedicated to my children Dimitris and
Stella, was commissioned to me by the Athens Concert Hall and was based on texts from the
homonymous book by Christoforos Christofis.
The musical language used, combines the scholar music of the 20th century with elements
of Jazz and Rock music. This creates a path that unites these three types of music that have
dominated our century, projecting them in a more or in a less obvious way.
The musical and dramatic plot of the work is built around the axis of the human voice.
The architectural structure is divided into three sections that are connected by two improvised
Complex and asymmetrical rhythms alternate with lyrical melodies based on a tropical type
of harmony, in an effort of fertile and functional coexistence.

Periclies Koukos, composer
Cristopher Christofis, text & lyrics
Ersi Pitta, choreography
Yiorgos Chraniotis, narrator
Dimitris Koukos, piano
Asterios Pouftis, cello
Irini Karagianni, mezzo soprano
Eleni Stamidou, soprano
Marina Rammou, dancer
Chronis Strikos, actor

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